Coordinators Federico Carbone and Andrea Stella 

Flavia Marani - Università degli Studi di Salerno/DiSPaC

Alessandro Bona - Università Cattolica di Milano


Flavia Marani, is an archaeologist and numismatist, currently postdoctoral fellow at University of Salerno/DiSPaC Department. She was trained at University of Tuscia (M.A. in Conservation of Cultural Heritage, 2007) and at Sapienza University of Rome (Post-graduate degree in Archaeological Heritage, 2010). She gained her Ph.D at University of Pisa and École Pratique des Hautes Études in Paris (2016) with a thesis on monetary circulation in Southern Latium between 4th-7thc. The main research interests focus on the relationship between coin and archaeological context and on the use of the monetary instruments to analyse the economic transformation processes in the Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages. She collaborates to multidisciplinary research projects directed by Italian and foreign Universities, Archaeological Superintendencies and Institutions, studying and publishing coins from numerous excavations in Rome, Lazio, Tuscany and Campania.


Alessandro Bona, archaeologist and numismatist, obtained the diploma of Specializzazione in Archaeological Heritage, as well as the first and second level degree in Archaeology, at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan with thesis in Numismatics. He is currently a PhD student at the Catholic University, in co-tutelle with the University of Warwick, with the project " From Coin Finds to the Economic and Social History of a Roman town. The case of Mediolanum". His research concerns the study of coins found during archaeological excavations carried out in the city of Milan since the 1980s, for the most part unpublished, paying particular attention to the archaeological contexts and to the city's monetary circulation between the Roman period and the early Middle Ages. Since 2014 he has been appointed “cultore della materia” for the Chair of Numismatics at the Catholic University (Professor Claudia Perassi). He is also in charge for the study of the coins found during the excavations carried out by the Chairs of Classical and Medieval Archaeology at the Catholic University, at Castelseprio (VA), Vione (BS), Palazzo Pignano (CR) and Monte Pico (PV); he is a member of the directors’ board and secretary of the Centro Studi Lunensi. His main fields of interest concern interpretation of coins found during archaeological excavations, coins in funerary contexts, reconstruction of economic processes and monetary circulation from numismatic data.


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